• Communicating is a human right!

    Our mission is to provide every person in need with a way to communicate and be understood.

  • Be heard using Alexicom AAC!

    Alexicom Tech has created a unique Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) system for mobile devices and computers to help people communicate when they cannot speak or need assistance communicating with others. Developed by a Speech-Language Pathologist and family of a child with Autism, Alexicom Tech's AAC system was created with unique users in mind. Some users are more successful with or prefer real images, others need fewer cells due to vision difficulties, and some users become overwhelmed with vocabulary buried within the page sets. Alexicom Tech's apps are user-friendly and 100% customizable.


    We see each user as an individual so it was important to Alexicom Tech that each user be able to easily create and customize communication pages with vocabulary meaningful to him/her. So an AAC user can quickly begin using Alexicom Tech's AAC apps, commonly used vocabulary such as "Core Words" are incorporated within each page set. In addition, since communication happens everywhere and at all times, our iOS and Android apps allow a user to have a voice everywhere. For those with unique access needs, our apps are compatible for switch and scanning capabilities. We believe everyone deserves to be heard!


    ~Parent of 3 users~

    " My three children have been using the Alexicom AAC on there I Pads for several years. They use it in speech therapy weekly and are able to communicate so much better and are less frustrated in not being able to be understood. I am amazed at how well they can go thru the pages to find there answer to questions and express their desires. I especially like the picture format verses stick figure, it is more realistic. They have expanded their vocabulary, memory and skills of communication. This program has been the best for us."


    ~Julia, SLP~

    "This is an excellent app! Thank you for developing it and keeping it affordable for patients!"


  • FREE AAC app!

    Alexicom AAC is our free AAC app! It includes over 15 demo pages for children to adults so communication can begin immediately. Alexicom AAC includes the capability to create your own pages, edit existing pages, record your voice, take pictures to directly put in your pages, data collection, text-to-speech, and it works offline. If our communication pages work for you, purchase a full-page set in our "Elements" apps for as little as $9.99.



    Affordable robust AAC apps


    The most affordable AAC apps that include hundreds of pages of vocabulary, core vocabulary, editing abilities, text-to-speech, data collection, placement that supports motor planning, real images to reduce the learning curve and age-appropriate images for adults.


    Click below to link to the iTunes store.


    "Elements" Child Pre 

    male/female voices



    "Elements" Child Home

    male/female voices

    "Elements" Child School

    male/female voices

    male/female voices

    "Elements" Teen Home

    male/female voices

    "Elements" Adult Home

    male/female voices

    "Elements" StoryMaker




    "Elements" Core 280

    male/female voices

  • Alexicom Tech's AAC apps

    provide a voice for all ages in all environments

    AAC Professionals

    If you are interested in a trial or if you are an evaluator, please contact: staci.neustadt@alexicomtech.com for a free promo code. Alexicom Tech's AAC apps were developed using research on the importance of core words, motor planning, frequently used vocabulary, and feedback from users. Alexicom Tech's page sets include linked vocabulary organized by categories and language use, including core words so the AAC user can create novel sentences. Alexicom Tech's AAC apps provide not only a way to communicate but a system that teaches language acquisition as well! To find out if our apps will work with your patients, check out our feature match chart.


    AAC Users & Parents

    Alexicom Tech's "Elements" AAC apps are easy to use and customize. All of our apps include the ability to create your own pages, edit pages, picture acquisition, recordable voices, data tracking, and text-to-speech. In addition, each page includes so much vocabulary, including "core" words, you don't have to spend time creating pages. Just load the app or page set and begin communicating!

    AAC in Schools &

    in Hospitals

    Providing communication for people in environments such as school or when in a vulnerable position at a hospital can be essential to quality of life. Alexicom Tech has created apps with vocabulary specific to academics so students can express what they know. In addition, hospital apps are currently being researched and created! Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on our latest release.

  • Contact Alexicom Tech

    2009 North 7th Street Phoenix, AZ 852006




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